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China's Updated List of Permitted Cross-Border Ecommerce Products

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Recently, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Trade, China General Customs and five other Chinese government bodies jointly issued an announcement to optimize and adjust the list of permissible cross-border eCommerce products; this takes effect today, the 1st of March 2022. The changes from the previous list (2019 edition) are:

- 29 items that have seen strong growth in consumer demand in recent years including articles of ski equipment, household dishwasher machines, and tomato juice have been added;

- tariff number 930700900 ('swords, cutlasses, bayonets, spears, and similar weapons and parts thereof) has been removed;

- the 'tariff number' based indexing of goods has been adjusted, and some of the descriptions of listed commodities have been adjusted and optimised according to regulatory requirements;

- 115 new tariff numbers were added to further specify those items, and 80 outdated tariff numbers were taken off the list;

- the descriptions of 206 items were revised to further specify the products;

These changes will have impacts on the market entry and import tariffs for products sold through B2C cross-border eCommerce channels in China.

Below is the full list of changes (Chinese version, official English version has not been published yet).

Download PDF • 221KB

To obtain an English version (non-officially translated version) or book an appointment to better understand its impact on your export to China, please contact our office


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