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Breaking news: China Removed Tarriffs on Australian Barley

Today, China accounced its removed of the 80.5% anti-dumping tariffs and countervailing duties on Australian barley.

China's Ministry of Commerce declared that "due to the changing market situation for barley in the country, it is no longer necessary to continue imposing anti-dumping and countervailing duties on barley imported from Australia". The decision is set to take effect from 5 August 2023, three years after the tariffs were introduced in May 2020.

With this positive move, there is renewed optimism about easing trade tensions between the two nations. Australian wine is expected to be next in line for tarriff removal. Beijing enacted a 116% - 218% tariff on Australian wines in March 2021. Then, on top of the wines, China introduced tariffs and blocks on imports, including coal, cotton, and lobsters. Canberra sees the resolution of barley curbs as a template for its dialogue with China to remove wine import restrictions.

Australian exporters can now anticipate improved opportunities in the Chinese market. Find what Trade Minister Don Farrel said about this.


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