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Showcase of Australian Business Excellency

A live online event for Australian brands to pitch and sell to Chinese buyers 

The Showcase of Australian Business Excellency program selects an exclusive group of quality Australian brands who have growth potential for the Chinese market, and provides this group with a practical and effective program to promote their brands and facilitate their sales in China.

The program includes ​

  • an online showcase livestreamed to target Chinese import and distribution companies and cross-border ecommerce platforms;

  • the ability for Chinese participants to order samples of your products during the livestream, through our e-platforms;

  • the promotion of your brand and products through multiple channels prior to and after the live showcasing event;

  • potential inclusion on China and Beyond's multiple e-commerce platforms.

As we will have a simultaneous interpreter during the session, and as our bilingual team will facilitate sample ordering, there will be no language issues. Moreover, the majority of our Chinese business participants are  importers and distributors of imported goods who communicate with English speakers regularly.


Who is this program for

Manufacturers, brand owners and exporters of Australian consumer goods including but not limited to:

- foods and beverages

- alcohol

- skincare & cosmetics

- health supplements

- baby and maternity products 

- fashion and accessories

- wool based-products

- pet products

- lifestyle products

Exporters are invited to submit expressions of interest, which may or may not be approved, subject to the viability of their product for the Chinese market, and their general capability to export to China. Approved exporters will be noticed and then proceed to registration to the program.


Format of the  online session

Online presentation and showcase which is livestreamed to Chinese importers and distributors.

When is the online presentation and meeting session

The online session is to be held  on an afternoon of a week day in late September or early October this year.  The specific date will be confirmed as soon as we have confirmed all our participants; this will be no later than early September.

How can this event will lead to the sale of your products

- Chinese buyers will be able to order samples  or place trial orders of your products on our e-platform both during and after the event; they may also contact you directly, an option which you can decide to take;

- For large commercial orders, you can leverage our import and export facilities, and B2B distribution platforms to sell, or export to Chinese buyers through your own channels.


What you need to do to present at the livestream event

There are three options you can take to present and showcase your products at the livestream event:

- join online from your office,

- join our team in Sydney, or

- send us the samples, and let us to present and showcase the products on your behalf.

Program Inclusion

Present and showcase your products

Each participant will have10 minutes to present and showcase their brand and products to Chinese businesses, and take questions later during the Q&A session at the livestream event.

Inclusion of profile on our public WeChat account

Participants' profile may be included on our public WeChat account and be promoted to our Chinese business followers.

Sales support through our China B2B platform

Participants may be listed and distributed through the B2B distribution platform of our subsidiary trading company in China through exclusive arrangement, and gain full support to implement export orders.

Sample ordering through our B2B e-platform during the session

Chinese businesses will be able to order samples online during the livestream session through our Chinese e-platform.

Pre- and post-event promotions to Chinese businesses

All participants' brands will be included in our invitation to the businesses in our sales network, and their contact details will be sent to all Chinese participants after the livestream event

Presentation and language support 

We will provide training on the presentation prior to the livestream session, and provide simultaneous interpretation for the online presentation and Q&A session.

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