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Attention, Food and Beverage and Cosmetic Exporters

Updated: May 6, 2022

Sara Cheng, Executive Director of China and Beyond, was invited by the Export Council of Australia (ECA) to share her insights into the Chinese market, particularly the food & beverage and cosmetics sectors in their current state, at their Export Information Session today. Her presentation is summarised below.

The following Australian products are presently in high demand in China:

  • Essential foods: grain, flour, cooking oil, frozen seafood and meat, etc.

  • Unique pre-packed food and beverages: healthy foods, snacks, coffee and juice

  • Alcohol: gin, rum, pre-mixed low alcoholic drinks, bulk-packed wine

  • Skincare and baby products

  • Cosmetics; facial masks, hand cream, sunscreen, etc.

Each of these product categories requires a different distribution model and marketing approach. B2B2C, B2R (brand to retailers), M2C (manufacturers to end customers) are emerging models in China; these shorten the value chain and put brands looking to expand their operations in a more competitive position. However, such distribution models have to be supported by in-market distribution infrastructures, a strong sales network and local order implementation capabilities to succeed.

China and Beyond's trading branch in Beijing has an extensive sales network of over 20,000 distributors, wholesalers and large retail chains. The core team has pioneered B2B and B2C distribution in China for the last two decades, and is a capable partner for competent consumer brands to enter and expand in China through these emerging models.

To get the full presentation or book a free consultation with our China team, please email


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