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The Showcase of Australian Business Excellency

2:00pm Beijing time, 5:00pm AEST, 21 October 2021  

Checklist for the Showcase

  • Export pricing sheet ready Trademark (English text, logo) filed in China;

  • Ideally a Chinese brochure ready for buyers;

  • Logo, company profile, product picture and details sent to China And Beyond Product samples ready;

  • Showcase contents ready Showcase rehearsal completed;

A Few Tips on the Presentation

  • If you are presenting a video and ppt, ideally the video/ppt has Chinese captions;

  • Send us the video, ppt and recording of your presentation rehearsal so we can have  interpreter prepare in advance;

  • Ideally, you wear formal business suits for the presentation;

  • Show a few samples during the presentation;

  • Pause after a couple of sentences for the interpretation.

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